Tips for safely in Travelling

unduhan (7)There are always horror stories that make the rounds online about unwitting travellers being caught out in foreign countries. In almost all cases, the trouble comes down to a lack of preparation, insight and cultural sensitivity. Speaking to your personal travel manager is a foolproof way to make sure you know all the tips and tricks to stay safe on your next vacation. Here are some of our best tips for travellers about to embark on an epic journey.

Use Your Map Wisely

Nothing is more obvious than a lost traveller. A map in hand, a concerned and curious facial expression and constant glancing up from the map to the street, signal someone in dire need of help. While it can be a great opportunity to seek assistance from the scores of friendly locals, it can also be a beckoning call to the more dubious types. If you have to resort to pulling out a map, then we recommend getting off the street side and popping into a café, bar or restaurant to map out your next move.

Keep A Conversion Formula

A great part of the travel experience involves interacting with locals in the marketplace and bartering. A useful tip is to have a conversion of what one Australian dollar equals in the local currency written on a piece of paper. You won’t have to perform mathematical miracles in your head and it will help you reach a price much quicker. It’s also important to respect the socio economic situation of the country you’re visiting. While it can be fun to barter on price it’s important to make sure that both parties happily walk away from the transaction. A few cents off for you may mean the difference between eating or going hungry for a local.

Do As The Locals Do

Before heading off on your adventure, make sure you know the cultural customs of your destination’s inhabitants. Simple things such as kissing in public, taking photographs or “inappropriate” clothing can land tourists in very hot water. Make sure you are well versed on what is acceptable behaviour and mirror the dress and mannerisms of the locals.

Heed Locals Advice

While it can be a goal of many to get off the beaten track on a holiday, it’s important to listen to the warnings of locals. While that quiet little village or downbeat neighbourhood may sound appealing, the warning from a local should be taken on board. There is usually a very good reason why a local will deter you from a particular area or neighbourhood.

Check The Fine Print

Taking that scuba diving course, surfing lesson, or parasailing are all great experiences to have whilst on holiday but make sure you check the fine print. It’s important to know how certified and insured your guide or teacher is. It’s also worthwhile checking what your travel insurer will and won’t cover you for. Make sure you organise your activities with a reputable source through your personal travel manager.

A holiday is a great chance to gain new experiences, insights and even make life long friends. Using common sense and seeking the expert advice of others is the best way to ensure that your holiday is memorable for all the right reasons.